Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wednesday Wish

Today’s Wednesday Wish is dedicated to Fiona from Avenue 57.  She didn’t like last week’s choice so I promised to find a clutch that she would love.

To be honest, when I saw the Marni clutch that was featured last week, I was torn as to whether I should blog about that or this neon beauty from Victoria Beckham.  I like Victoria Beckham … she has come a long way since her Spice Girl days and, pout notwithstanding, I think she has shown tremendous drive and talent in the face of much cynicism.  However, unless I indulge in many sessions of liposuction and tummy stapling, there is no way I am ever going to fit into one of her dresses, regardless of whether or not I can afford the price.

Bags however, are a different story as they always fit.  Is it any wonder I love them so?  And this bag is especially gorgeous.  For those of us with psoriasis, our clothing palette tends to be of the paler variety – grey, taupe, cream, beige and tan.  What better way to add some oomph than with a wonderful neon bag such as this?  I don’t care if neon is a current trend that may date … I think a splash of colour is always a good thing, so in my book, that make it worth the price.  Not to mention the pleasure gained from having a little part of the VB collection in your closet.
Victoria Beckham Two Tone Clutch

(Now Fiona, if you don’t like this, then frankly I give up! *wanders off into the distance, shaking head and wringing hands*)


  1. I ..........

    LOVE IT!

    It's beautiful but then I just adore VB (writing a blog post about her this VERY moment - how spooky!!)


  2. What a beautiful bag......but I could cry at the price tag!

  3. the colour! Hope your week is going well and new school running smoothly:)My lady is happy for the moment and hopefully it will last:)

  4. Oh wow. It's fab. As you said, it would be great with a neutral palette. Love Liz xxx

  5. Great clutch. I would love one of her bags x

  6. I love it! Love the two tone, love the yellow!